ISBN: 978-0-9871605-2-2
Pages: 430
Copyright © Dan Willett 2012

One boy’s coming-of-age adventure

For Jamie Croydon, the Koorang River is a wild and wondrous sanctuary beyond his parents’ farm in the heat-drenched country town of Palimunda. Then one day at the start of summer, the river becomes the scene of a grisly find; something so left-field in Jamie’s world that it jolts his outlook and wakes him to a primal mystery.

As he seeks to reconcile what happened that day, a menacing strangeness begins to overshadow all the regular uncertainty and teenage angst in his life, and Jamie must accept that not everything in his world is as it seems. He learns a greater truth hangs in the balance between things seen and unseen, between logic and intuition… And answers can always be found at the river.

Spinning for Jacks captures all the wide-eyed wonder, awkwardness, humour and unfolding awareness of a coming-of-age tale; yet at its heart is a modern spiritual parable exploring the biggest questions: Why are we here? How does it all work? What happens when we die?….


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